Wednesday, September 1, 2010

With crawling comes whining.

Dylan started to crawl on Sunday, the 29th. It was my most proud moment so far as a mother. He had had a couple days where he would go a foot or two but he was on the move Sunday. Since last week he has been more whiney than usual, a lot more whiney, and he wasn't eating his bottles very well. Yesterday I changed his formula and he ate his usual amount. Thank goodness, because I was ready to call the doctor.

Well that post was started the 29th! My goal this week is to get better at updating! As I started to say earlier, like 5 days ago, Dylan has been fussy with eating ever since his doctors appt. the 25th. He would take a couple sips, then fuss. I changed his formula and it seemed to improve, well that was short lived. I wass starting to feel like he was not just trying to be a fuss bucket and really didn't feel well. We went to the doctor yesterday and he's now drinking soy (reallly well, he loves it.) So hopefully he'll perk back up. The nice thing about him being under the weather is.... he is supppper ssnuggly!!! I love it! He slept in bed with me one night and it made me miss my itty bitty baby! Among trying to get nugget feeling better, I have come a lonngg way on my sewing this past week. I will be starting my new section following my sewing adventures this week. Which I better go sew some while little one naps!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where did this week go?!

Maybe I should leave him in charge of updating my blog!

Oh my, how fast an entire week goes by these days. I have really been slacking on my web productivity. But for good reason! I am starting one of my big projects, and will start a seperate section with the progress. Once this is underway I PROMISE to update the website, add a photo uploader, a forumn section and get back to the blogging.

Dylan has been exploring all the different moods one can be 10 minute periods. He can go from laughing hysterically to screamcrying in no time! I think it is boredom. He goes from playing with toys on the floor, to wanting to be in his bouncer, to wanting to swing in his johny jumper (yes i push him like it's a swing, he doesnt get the jumping part yet,) to just wanting me to tickle him. I feel like if he could get from one place to another he wouldn't be so bored, but he needs me to take him wherever he wants to go. Like "ugh i need this silly woman to carry me to my other toys...where is she..i'll just scream, she'll come running." He also went back to his sleeping till noon gig, which is great in the morning but then he doesn't nap, and stays up till at least 11. So this morning I kept him up when he got up for his bottle at 7:30. And he is now napping oh so peacefully. I need to go out and buy new toys for him now, I love the personality he is developing, he keeps me laughing. He LOVES the computer and my phone. I have to put them out of his sight or he gets sooo mad if he cant get them. It's hilarious. He will climb over me to get to the computer, but not for a single one of his toys, not even his fake laptop. We play the "im gonna get you game," where i blow raspberries on his neck, and he tries to get me back now! But he just opens his mouth on my cheek or whatever he can get. I love it. He sits all by himself for long periods of time now and can even correct himself when he starts to lean. We went to the doctors and he weighs 17 lbs and is 26 inches long, doctor said thats perfect! Well duhh, I knew that!!

My mom was so kind to loan me her sewing machine, and I am trying to get acquainted with it. I might have to call in some help. Dylan and I will be going to Joann Fabrics later today and then grocery shopping for the 70th time to pick up a couple things. Mimi and Grampa (my mom and dad) are having a card party tomorrow and I am bringing ham rolls and artichoke dip. Well, I went shopping last night and forgot the HAM (seriously? how?) and the crackers for the artichoke dip (that's not a finger food?). I did accomplish one major cleaning task for the week like I vowed I was going to do. I cleaned the basement! Wahoo.

Friday, August 20, 2010

News or nuisance

Momma's little computer helper.

The news is really starting to get under my skin. I really don't like to be interrupted while watching "ELLEN," the most feel good show out there, to hear about another murder in Detroit. Please let me enjoy and hour of tv. The news is already on close to every other hour...are the breaking news alerts really necessary over something that happens every other day!? And then, while I happened to actually be listening to the news, which I try not to do, they had a segment "Dream Cruise nostalgia or nuisance." Really? This really irritated me. The Dream Cruise attracts close to a million people to a town that, let's face it, has very little going for it. Why take something that has been around for 16 years and even suggest that it be a nuisance. I think a much more uplifting story would have been how the Woodward Dream Cruise actually started out as a fundraiser for a soccer field and just a few years gained nationwide popularity, but that wouldn't fit into there "how much can we bum people out" story line-up.

On another note, I think I officially have the most distractable son. The computer has to be 100% out of sight for him to eat, and the t.v has to be off. He has discovered his ears, but hasn't caught on that if he pulls on them, it hurts. And he loves to sing along in the car, I turn the radio down a lot of the time and just listen to him. It actually sounds a lot like what is on the radio these days anyways!

Okay, now to get us ready, and then when daddy gets home we are going to go join in on the nuisance on woodward. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laundry for me? You shouldn't have!

Happy 6 month birthday to my crazy little boy!

Today I found out why I am the one to stay home with Dylan. After 5 days with Daddy home, Dylan has completly forgot how we take naps around here. We went from no fuss, no pacifier required, out like a light in seconds, with no rocking, cuddling or soothing, to tossing and turning for 40 minutes while I stood outside his door. Chris said to me, "Lay down with him and he'll fall asleep." Really, Thanks for the tip.

Well at the top of my to do list is laundry. And unless everyone in the family spent the day naked, this is a neverending task! Think about it, as soon as that last sock (usually one out of a pair) is put away, everyone goes to bed and the days clothes get thrown right into that empty hamper you were just oh-so-proud of. I had a good system going. After I bought different detergents and colored laaundry baskets to spruce up this daunting task, I had it down to one load a day, well that came to an end when we got back from vacation and even the clean clothes had to be washed because the smelled like hotel. So far I am on load #4. The good news, the house is still pretty clean from my frantic prevacation cleaning. Once the laundry is done I have vowed to declutter the entire house. Room by room, everything will find it's place by the time I am done! It will probably be a room a week.

I have a lot of updates to do on the website but will be working on the layout before adding all the entries I've recieved, and adding the ability to add a photo.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation Highlights

I was picture happy on the drive through the U.P, this is one of my favorites.

Lambeau Field.

Down by the river at the Riverview Inn.

On the Duck Tour.

At our one and only pit-stop on the way to Madison.

Top 5 of the 1000 plus reasons this vacation was one to remember...

1. Being with my boys for 5 days straight. They are the loves of my life! I am so fortunate to have them both.

2. Spending time with my extended family. Every single one of them makes me laugh histarically.

3. The beautiful scenery in Wisconsin. I absolutly love the city and have always said I would not live in the country, but that is because I only knew Michigan, flat, dead grass, country. Wisconsin was absolutly beautiful. But very hard to tell if you were headed in the wrong direction, it's funny how every cornfield looks the same.

4. Dinner at the Riverview Inn. We ate dinner while overlooking the river. This was the night we went out to eat with my cousin and his girlfriend. My cousin and I spend a lot of time together growing up and it was so nice to laugh over all our adventures together. Apparently Wisconsin stops selling liqour way earlier than Michigan, so we had to buy a bottle from a local bar. Yes, drinking was a priority this night.

5. Talking with family at the reunion and feeling the presence of my grandparents.

Day One of Vacatio: Madison Wisconsin. Our goal was to leave at 9 am Friday morning. And get this...we were filled up on gas and on the expressway at 9:19!! Can you believe it? I know, me either. Dylan was absolutly amazing! We stopped one time for food for all of us, and made it to Madison a little after 6. I think. I was confused about what time is was the entire time we were out of Michigan. We went out to eat with Mimi and Grampa (my mom and dad)at BaBes, and then went back to the hotel to relax for the night and rest up for our drive to Wisconsin Dells ad Black River Falls on Saturday.

Day Two of Vacation: We headed out around 11 to meet my sister and her family in Wisconsin Dells to go on a "Duck Tour." If you get a chance, check it out Our tour guide was super funny and made the tri[ that much more enjoyable. It was a ride full of iteresting facts and beautiful scenery. Then we headed to Black River Falls which was where we were meeting the rest of the family. Did I mention we were going for a family reunion? We got to Black River Falls and met up with most of the family and the part began! We played cards for a while, and then headed out for the night.

Day Three of Vacatio: The family reunion was on Sunday and it was woderful spending time with family that I havn't seen i about 15 years. That night, Chris, myseld and Dylan went out to eat with my cousin and his girlfriend, came back to the hotel and played cards.

Day Four of Vacation: We decided to go through the U.P and stay in St.Ignace for a night. We stopped in Green Bay at Lambeau Field. I guess I can expect to add sport advetures to every trip from now on. I love my boys ad I actually did enjoy the stop. If I have ever been through the U.P I don't remember so I was excited to see what it was like. It had beautiful scenery.

Day Five of Vacation: We stoped in Mackinac city after we crossed the bridge, and went for a walk around the hsops. And from there we made one pit-stop in Gaylord and then made it hom around 4:30.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We made it home! It was an amazing vacation through Wisconsin and then the U.P. I will be making one ginormous update tomorrow, as well as adding all the new stories I have recieved to the website! For now, I am going to enjoy the last time off Chris has for a while.